We all know that exercise is imperative to maintain our health. We have tailored efficient solutions for everyone. Whether you are new to fitness or have reached pro status, you should keep reading. For years, our company has been providing the best of fitness to anyone in the UK and beyond. The best news is that it’s affordable. Therefore, we are able to help you get proper exercise even when you don’t think you really have the time.

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    Protective Floor Mats



    Protective Floor Mats, padded to provide an excellent surface for workouts that keep you comfortable and protect your floors and polished surfaces from unnecessary scratches. These mats can also reduce the amount of vibration or noise that may typically pass through your floor if you’re on an upper level of a house or building, for a more relaxing experience.

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    Heart Rate Strap


    £2 PER WEEK: ONLY AVAILABLE WHEN HIRING MAIN FITNESS EQUIPMENT ITEM. Heart Rate Monitor Strap allows you to exercise within your optimum heart rate zone for the ideal workout with the best possible impact on strength, muscles, and endurance. The optimum heart-rate for an average person during exercise should be between 50 and 70% of their maximum. Monitoring your heart rate with equipment such as this can help you to reach your fitness goals much more efficiently and effectively.

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    Gym Ball

    From: £2.00 per week

    £2 PER WEEK: ONLY AVAILABLE WHEN HIRING MAIN FITNESS EQUIPMENT ITEMS. Gym ball, with an ideal diameter of approximately 75cms, constructed using extra-strong plastic designed to withstand significant pressure and hold up against the risk of bursting or puncture during routines. These gym balls, sometimes referred to as exercise balls, can help you to tone your body, and push your muscles to work harder by engaging the core groups that work to maintain balance.

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